Akan datang! Coming soon!

H&M shawl | Top from MODE Clothier | LV Murakami Speedy | Wedge Platform From Staccato | Unbranded Brooch & Belt

I am so excited to be introducing MODE Clothier's Spring/Summer 2014 (SS2014) collection to all of you. It should be arriving some time this week. InsyaAllah. I apologise that the new collection is running a little late. After all, Spring arrived in March (let's just pretend that … [Read more...]

Thank you

With mum on her 55th birthday last year.

Salam everybody. Ever since sharing my IVF journey last week, I've been getting very encouraging words of advice and support from friends, family, and acquaintances. I appreciate it very much. I really do. Some of your words really touched my heart and I couldn't help it but … [Read more...]

Breaking my silence…our IVF journey


Beware! Super long post ahead. This is hard for me to write but Fai and I agreed that it is therapeutic as well as educational. For myself and everyone out there. Cause you see, when it comes to infertility in the Malay/Muslim community here in Singapore, it is such a … [Read more...]

13 Best Makeup Tools


13 Best Makeup Tools See which beauty tools dominated the competition This is a TotalBeauty.com Makeup article A world without makeup tools? We might not be able to survive. And reviewers seem to agree that the right brushes and tools can make a world … [Read more...]

Arsenal at a Crossroad

Netherlands Soccer Champions League

As the transfer deadline looms, Arsene Wenger is trying to add to a midfield that has been ravaged with injuries. Inspirational Wilshere, outstanding Ramsey and the mercurial Rosicky are out whilst not forgetting Walcott’s season ending injury. The young Julian Draxler is coveted … [Read more...]

Celebrate World Hijab Day with MODE Clothier


With the buzz all around World Hijab Day this coming Feb 1, 2014, I'd like to share with all of you that MODE Clothier is having a promotional offer to celebrate Muslim women's right to don the hijab. So come on and head over to MODE Clothier and get their beautiful and uber … [Read more...]

Thor 2: The Dark World Review


Spoiler Alert! Photo: Marvel.com After coming back from JB for a family event, Nur and I decided to catch the eagerly anticipated Thor 2: The Dark World. I would not deny that I was looking forward to the movie but I must say that I was a little apprehensive as I did not know … [Read more...]

Thor: The Dark World


Hey fellow readers, well I have to admit that life's been hectic these couple of months. Indeed, being just a year shy from 30 has caused numerous strands of grey hair to pop out from nowhere. But at least there is something that I am gleefully looking forward to this week. It is … [Read more...]