Samsung G400

Everytime I ask Fai to pick a phone which he likes, it usually doesn’t meet my standard requirements. We usually have conflicting opinions when it comes to mobile phones.

Why were discussing mobile phones on a regular basis you ask? Well, firstly Fai’s Motorola Razr V3xx is falling apart while my HTC Touch Dual keeps shutting down on me during calls (the downside of touchscreen phones). So, while window shopping for mobile phones, Fai fell in love with the sleek Samsung G400.

Now, what is so special about the Samsung G400? The first thing I look for in phones are these basic features (which I’ve already mentioned in My Razr V3xx  post)

  • UltraSlim/Slim
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • 3G
  • Bluetooth
  • Atleast a 1.3 megapixel camera
  • Video Call
  • MP3 Player (or one that supports MP3 audio formats)
  • MicroSD Card Slot
  • Calendar/Organizer
  • The Samsung G400 has all the above. In fact, the Samsung G400 boasts a 5 megapixel camera (better than my current 2 megapixel HTC Touch Dual camera). Also, it doesn’t function on the annoying Windows Mobile like most touchscreen phone does. The Samsung G400 also has a touchscreen outerface adding more coolness to the already sleek and gorgeous phone. Furthermore, besides having only an MP3 Player, the Samsung G400 comes along with FM radio (great for when you’re bored of the same ol’ songs playing on your MP3).

    Now, that you’ve read about the basic specifications the phone has, you must be wondering if this phone is too good to be true. To satisfy our hunger for more information about the phone, we head down to Samsung VivoCity to give the phone a dry run. The touchscreen outerface is easy to use and when not in used, we’re able to lock the phone so that we won’t be accidentally calling someone we’re not supposed to. For the sake of vanity, the 5 megapixel camera allows us to take pictures of ourselves when the camera is flipped open. You can also change the theme of your mobile wallpaper according to your own personality and moods.

    So far so cool right? I can’t wait to get my hands on the phone. I need to start saving. 😉

    Nur @ ilovelookinggood

    P.S. I’m no techie. So I hope this short review does it for you. 😀

    • jack

      I like this one. I buy it for my cousin and he’ll be very happy. This thing worth your money.