The Face Shop: The Skin Extra BB Cream SPF20 PA++

Today’s review will be surprise, surprise! BB Cream! Well before Nurul packed up and left me in Singapore all alone ( :( sob sob), we went out on a nice shopping expedition and she so kindly with her good gracious heart (& pay!) bought me something which i have really needed for quite sometime now especially for my dark dry skin. I present to you THE FACE SHOP THE SKIN EXTRA BB CREAM SPF20 PA++

It has been a long week for me. Things have been kinda hectic with Nurul being overseas and my uncle just recently being warded into ICU for kidney failure. Do hope our kind readers will have him in their prayers for a quick recovery. Let’s get on with this review.

Firstly, we were walking around at Plaza Singapura when we were approached by the friendly staff of THE FACE SHOP. I have to commend their patience and service in explaining to us every product that we enquired. I have been looking for a Sunblock these past few months but honestly, I didn’t like those lotion formulas with moisturising effect. Why you ask? It’s cause I tend to perspire a lot and by 2 in the afternoon all the sunblock has disappeared and to make matters worst, my perspiration will carry the sunblock all the way to my eyes. Often, am left with a burning sensation that will require lots of eye washing. Haha. Talk about a stinging sensation.

Well as Nurul points out, it is important for me to wear proper Sunblock to protect my skin from skin cancer & more importantly ageing and wrinkly & dry skin. The BB cream fits the bill! I have been applying for already 2 weeks and I have to say, I am in love with this sunblock cream. It’s easy to use, cooling on the skin and frankly no more burning sensations! Basically, it seems like make up liquid foundation and all I have to do is apply it evenly over my face after my usual face wash regime. Trust me, it took me sometime to figure out how much to apply (thanks to Nurul here for the proper techniques). Also, another low for me is that it’s a shade brighter than my skin colour so it does look like I am wearing make up until it oxidises and finally blends naturally with my skin colour.Β  But overall, am happy with it’s effects!

Why BUY?

  • Easy to use
  • Evens out skin tones
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Advantage of both make-up & skin care
  • Hides eye circles, acne scars & gives a radiant glow

It is currently availabe at all THE FACE SHOP outlets and is retailed at $42.90 per 45ml bottle.

Fai @ ilovelookinggood

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Ps : I did some Googleing on what it meant to be a BB cream. Here’s some interesting facts that i found out about it. Basically, the BB cream or rather blemish balm originated from Germany. It is actually used by dermatologists to aid their patients whom underwent laser skin surgery to help soothe & regenerate their skin. Thanks to for the info bit.