MAC Springsheen for NARS Orgasm

As a makeup lover, I have always been intrigued by the great reviews of NARS Orgasm. As always, the product which I crave most is not available here in Singapore. Even the current Sephora store doesn’t carry the famous NARS brand. However, fret not girls as MAC has a blush similar to the famous NARS Orgasm.

mac-springsheen-blush vs nars-orgasm

MAC Springsheen is my latest buy from MAC. I’ve always wanted NARS Orgasm and since MAC Springsheen is the closest thing we have here, I bought it. Besides, most of my blushes comes in darker shades similar to MAC Peachtwist. Also, reviews from Makeup Alley and various other beauty forums indicates that you do not need both of the blushes. Either or will do.

Hence, I think I can now settle with MAC Springsheen for NARS Orgasm. Although, I will wait until NARS arrives in Singapore and compare them. Meanwhile, why waste that money on shipping fees when you can get yourself another beauty treat that is equally valuable sans shipping fees. 😀

MAC Springsheen Swatch

MAC Springsheen Swatch

I love the colour of MAC Springsheen. The shade of coral and pink is suitable for most skin tones. It is also lighter than MAC Peachtwist giving me a healthier and youthful glow.

I think I will stay away from MAC Peachtwist for now. 😉

Nur @ ilovelookinggood 

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