Ralph Lauren: The Big Pony Fragrance Collection

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon as I was out with Nur and her friends at Raffles City. On a sidenote, while I was getting there, I mistook Raffles City as Marina Shopping Centre. Only found out when I was going up the lift. But shhhh, don’t tell Nur about it. Let’s get back to this post then.

Nur and friends were ogling at Katy Perry’s inspired nail colours while I went to explore Robinsons. I was eyeing a new fragrance scent as my Armani Attitude and CK BE already ran out. I’m the type of man that looks for a new scent that invokes the senses. Also, it has to be strong and interesting. After being dissed by a rude sales staff, I walked nonchalant towards the Ralph Lauren counter expecting a similar service. To my surprise Kevin was extremely friendly. He gave me a few scents for me to identify my style of fragrance choice and finally took out his choices for me. I had to choose between Polo Black, Polo Double Black and finally the new fragrance by Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection: Seductive.

I love a scent that is easily recognisable and lingers on even after I have left the room. I hate fresh scents as it smells exactly like soap. If I want a fresh scent, all I need to do is go have a bath. In the mix of coffee beans and the scents, I finally took my choice.

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection has four scents for you to choose from and Number 2 was my choice. The red bottle Seductive. It had a spicy scent that was mixed with dark chocolate (this was informed to me by Kevin the Salesman) and certainly left people wanting more (especially the ladies). Haha. Indeed, a delightful aphrodisiac fragrance that whets the appetite.

The Seductive No. 2 of the Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection is available at all department stores. It is going for $125 at Robinsons. Also, it is available online at for US$65.

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  • RL perfumes always smells good.. 🙂
    Fresh & long lasting…

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