Happy belated Anniversary to Us!

Just as the headline suggest, it is was our ANNIVERSARY!

We turned one year last July 22. No, I’m not referring to this super outdated blog. I’m talking about our marriage — my marriage to Fai. It has been exactly one year and 21 days since we tie the knot on July 22, 2010.

What is a marriage without all the fights and drama? It has been a roller-coaster ride indeed. Imagine having to move out of your parents and in with your in-laws.  In an instant, you have to grow up.

It was hard at first for me. Adapting and adjusting. My in-laws place was just too quiet. I missed my crazy sisters. How they would shout for someone to pick up the phone — cause we’re just too lazy to walk to the phone. The banging of doors and the ‘salams’ when one comes back home from work or school. Nothing of that sort can be heard at my in-laws.

Thankfully for me, Fai’s cute little niece Rania was around for the first few months. Her presence kept me sane. She’s the most adorable thing.

Now a year has passed and I’m eagerly waiting for the return of the little queen as I dubbed Fai’s niece. This is our second Ramadhan together and with God’s grace, we will be celebrating our second Syawal together.

To commemorate our first wedding anniversary, we did a little photoshoot. Fai has grown quite a bit in size — just compare them with the one above. Haha.

He says he’s just too happy and I feed him too much. I don’t even cook very often! -_-

Okay, so I digress. Back to the photoshoot, we engaged the services of Syukri from Pixareuz Photography. And even though we were late, he waited patiently for us and gave a wonderful service. He made us recap how we met and how we got together — that was embarrassing! But most importantly, he made us remember why we’re with each other and what matters most to the two of us.

And although I started the day slightly annoyed at my husband but at the end of the whole photoshoot, I had a memorable anniversary albeit belated.

InsyaAllah, the photoshoot will be an annual affair. A celebration of love, friendship, and trust!

Now that our first year is over, we are ready to start a family. Hopefully I can get pregnant during or before our second honeymoon in December. Yup! We’re heading to Europe end of this year. Wish us luck!

And YES! We are in the midst of trying for a baby. Apparently, it is not as easy as it seems. 😉 So pray for us too that we will conceive a healthy and handsome/beautiful little thing.

Before I sign off, here’s our wedding highlights from last year. Hehee.. 🙂

Our Wedding Highlights from CinematicLens on Vimeo.

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  • Sara

    I love the first photo! I was wondering if you know shops online like and i love to buy my clothes online but i don’t know more too much sites!


  • Mashallah you look absolutely stunning on your wedding! I got married last October and I am expecting our first child in January so inshallah I pray that everything goes well for you! Keep those beautiful pictures coming in of you! xxx

  • Nur

    Sara: Sorry for the uber late reply. I’ve shopped online before but not at Macy’s or Tailor4less. Try checking out Topshop online, Dorothy Perkins, Asos, or even instead. 🙂

    Saf@StyleClone: Thank you so much dear! Is it a boy or a girl? We shall pray for you too. Btw, we’re heading to London this X’mas. 😉

  • We want to keep it a surprise! Inshallah just want it to be healthy and happy! 🙂
    Cool – I don’t actually live in London. Live in the North of England but if you’re visiting these ends then please let me know! xxx

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