A sneak peek: The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals foundations

 Here’s what’s going to be available at The Body Shop this coming August 29.

BE RADIANT Extra Virgin Minerals™ Loose Powder Foundation SPF 25

BE FRESH New Extra Virgin Minerals™ Liquid Foundation SPF 30

BE MATTE New Extra Virgin Minerals™ Cream Compact Foundation SPF 15

 So, The Body Shop has finally decided to join the minerals bandwagon. This is what they have to say about the much anticipated products.

This is the first mineral make-up collection from the Body Shop to feature an exclusive combination of award-winning 100%Community Fair Trade pure cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and ultra-fine mineral pigments, for foundation that’s in total affinity with the skin. As a result of being so finely milled, the 100% mineral pigments make the foundations incredibly easy to blend, so you enjoy natural-looking flawless results. Wonderfully weightless for a ‘barely-there’ sensation, this mineral make-up is actually good for your complexion as it contains SPF, to help protect the natural beauty of your skin. Each non-irritating formula is fragrance and paraben-free and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and blemished skin – each foundation is non-comedogenic, meaning that it won’t block pores and lets skin breathe. The three formats are also available in suit-all shades, to help you achieve the perfect look.

I just love mineral make-up. Don’t we all? No matter what others say about mineral make-up, I believe they are much more gentle on our skin.

Therefore, I personally cannot wait to give these products a try.

Extra Virgin Minerals™: The Collection

  • Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation SPF 15 (8.5g, $39.90) – 8 shades
  • Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation SPF 30 (30ml, $36.90) – 6 shades
  • Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation SPF 25 (5g, $36.90) –  4 shades
  • Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation Brush ($29.90)

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  • Jess Tee

    Keen to hear a review on the mineral foundations!

  • Nur

    Jess: Hi Jess! Welcome to our blog. Do keep coming back to check out the review. 🙂

  • Hola! 😀 I’m so excited about this product, unfortunately they haven’t been arrived in Indonesia. 🙁 I’m good with their ( I mean TBS) previous mineral make up series, and when I saw this range on the website, I really hooked. Haha.

    But thank you for the sneak peek ! 🙂 hehe. I love your blog.

  • Lisa

    I’ve tried the Extra Virgin minerals, loose powder foundation, and it’s amazing!
    I have really dry and oily and blemished skin, but this is so light and it covers really well!

    I bougt it in a shade that I thought was waay too dark, but it looks perfect on my skin!

    So, if you’re going to buy this foundation, buy it in a shade thats one shade darker that your skin 🙂

  • Nur

    Ningrum: Come on down to S’pore and try out this series. 🙂 I’m sure it’ll work fine for you. 🙂

    Lisa: Is that so? I didn’t quite notice. Maybe I should try them again. 🙂

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