If I could get married all over again

To the same man of course, what were you guys thinking? LOL!

Tis the wedding season and there’s a few weddings I’ve been invited to. And also since my very own sister’s wedding is coming up in the next couple of weeks, I thought I shall blog about weddings.

I am indeed very weird. I did not blog about my own wedding – although I did attempt to blog about it – read the stories here, here, and here. Now I am blogging about the wedding of others.

I’m not really going to blog about others’ weddings but about my own wedding. Argh! I confuse myself.

I mean what happens if I could get married all over again – to the same man. :)

When I was preparing for my very own wedding last year, I didn’t really think too much about it, I just went with the flow. I let my parents decide on most of the major stuff such as venue, food, and such.

Even my henna designs weren’t picked by me as they were gifts from a dear friend.

If I had it my way, my wedding would have been a small, short, and sweet affair, with close friends and relatives. But since I’m the eldest of five daughters, I had to accomodate my parents wishes.

My mum did tell me that when she got married in the early 80s, my late-grandmother, planned everything for her and that she was told to follow what the elders had in store of her. She said she had to go through 12 outfit changes – that was the trend during that time – for nikah (solemnisation), photoshoot, and reception.

I was lucky that my wedding only consists of five outfits and I was able to pick and choose all five. I picked them according to my family and husband’s heritage as a tribute to our families. So there was the Malay traditional outfit – songket kebaya, Arabian style jalabiya and thope, Indian gaghra and sherwani, and the western wedding gown and suit. A total of five outfits for our two and half days wedding affair.

But if I really had my way and our wedding was only for a day, I would have worn, all the traditional outfits rolled into one.

Hmmm… Now let’s imagine the rolled-into-one kebaya, gaghra, and jalabiya as my outfit. I’ll probably use songket as my main material, with lots of beading.

The outfit will be a modern mini kebaya top made from songket like this one below, although this top is not a mini kebaya top.

Then the bottom will be a heavy beaded gaghra skirt just like the one below.

And finally a flowy-kaftan overlay made from chiffon like this jalabiya.

That will be my solemnisation outfit.

As for the reception dress, I will wear a gown inspired by Grace Kelly – exactly like what Malaysian blogger, Adriani Adnan, wore for her wedding. But instead of pink, or cream, my dress will be a shade of pastel yellow – my favourite colour!

Photos:  Adriani Adnan and Google

And a classic pin-up makeup to match. Just like this one!

Photo: makeupbycrystalS.blogspot.com

As for the groom, hmmmmm…. he’s just there to go along with the ride. LOL! So since my husband is Indian, he’ll wear the traditional Indian sherwani for solemnisation, and the boring suit/tuxedo with a pastel yellow satin tie for our reception.

But in reality, this was what we wore for our wedding.

Solemnisation outfit

Malay traditional outfit

Jalabiya and Thope (Arab outfit)

Gaghra and sherwani (Indian traditional outfit)

Wedding gown and suit

Maybe I should just keep this idea for my future daughter and in turn will plan her wedding like what my mum did for me and her mum for her. :)