Review: The Thing (2011)

It has been a while since Nur and I went out for a movie date due to our busy schedules. Thus, I have to thank and UIP Singapore for giving us the opportunity to catch the preview of an 80’s movie remake – The Thing.

It was the first time we caught a movie at The Grand Cathay and I must say that I was impressed. It really befits for a movie preview screening with at least 300 people watching it.

So what was the movie we were watching? Well, in the spirit of remakes of 80’s movies (the last being Smurfs), we finally revisited a classic 80’s horror movie John Carpenter’s The Thing.

It is exactly like the 1982 movie starring Kurt Russel except for a few minor changes in the storyline (American to Norwegian Research Centre) and a major upgrade in special effects as to be frank,the original movie was a little bit B Grade Sci-fi gore movie. But I guess, it has finally got what it deserves with the upgraded version similar with other movies like Tron.

The Thing 2011 stars Mary Winstead as Kate Llyod, a graduate student in paleontology assigned to identify the remains of an alien that has crashed into the Antarctica ice thousands of years ago. Unknowingly, the alien was very much alive and has the uncanny ability to replicate and look exactly like a normal human being.The story delves into a psychodrama thriller as everyone suspects each other as the Alien.

I have to admit that it is a fast paced filled with action. You are not given time to breathe as you are immediately delved into the thick plot. The director maintains the drama as we are led to suspect everyone and left guessing who is the alien. Certainly, one filled with scares and lots of brilliant CGI effects to leave you watching it through your fingers. I know i did.

So if you are looking for an outing of scares and a ‘guessing’ game, I will suggest for you to catch The Thing 2011 this weekend. And bring along a date, there are lots of opportunities to have those sudden scare hugs!


Storyline : 3/5 (Brilliant plot although thanks to the original movie)

Special Effects: 4/5 (Amazing CGI & lifelike aliens)

Acting: 3/5 (Could have better chemistry among the actors)

Direction: 4/5 (Smooth and no gaps in the story)

Overall: 3.5 (Catch it this weekend.)

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