Catching up

There isn’t any excuse for the lack of updates on my side. For the past couple of months, I’ve been idling at home doing stuff such as laundry, babysitting, and even cooking. But most of the time I was catching up on my daily Hindi serials on Star Plus and ZeeTV. Heeee…

I would have spent more time outside if not for my husband’s busy schedule. Who would have thought that an educator’s life is always so busy.

But the holidays are here FINALLY! The first thing we did as a couple after a long time is to catch a movie. A movie date means an opportunity for me to dress up. And that means, this is a fashion post. 😉

So this was what I wore to our movie date.

Hijab from Geylang Serai Market | Long-sleeve tee from Uniqlo | Printed blouse from Cineleisure | Pants from Bangkok | Platform heels from Staccato | Belt from Uniqlo | Louis Vuitton (LV) Multicolore Speedy

We caught the movie in town and I’ve been noticing that many young Muslimahs now are dressing up more. They don the hijab and make it fashionable. Long gone are days when hijabs are known as a piece of cloth to cover a woman’s head. Now  it’s part of a fashionable Muslimah (Muslim woman) attire too. But some of you may not agree with me here.

Yes, the Hijab is an obligation for Muslim women so that their modesty is protected. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress fashionably and make your hijab part of your fashion statement. Islam is never about restriction. And thus, you should never see the Hijab as an obstruction to fashion. With it, you can still dress modestly and be fashionable.

Speaking of being fashionable, I am working on a big project right now and I hope it falls through. InsyaAllah. And when it does, please do support me. 🙂

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  • You totally rocked that outfit, you look fashionably gorgeous! I especially love that Louis Vuitton bag of yours, you handled it very classy. And did your husband take this photo? He’s good in taking your best angles. You two really suit to be together! 🙂

  • Nur

    Haha.. Thank you so much dear! My husband will be delighted to hear that you think his photography skills are impeccable. But I assure you that it took a lot of shots to get this one shot.

  • Charlesetta

    I think you look fabulous! I love and support women who have values and principles and can express who they are through their style.

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