Last 6 months

WARNING: A possibly long post with lots of pictures.

The last six months have been a whirlwind of adventure and as such I did not even have any opportunity to sit down and blog. For that, I apologise to all of you for leaving without any note. But now I’m back and I can’t wait to share with all of you what I’ve been doing for the last six months.

 Let’s start with New Year’s, both Fai and I didn’t have any opportunity to welcome all our readers to the year 2012 because we were literally UP IN THE AIR. For a month right up til New Year’s, Fai and I were jet-setting around Europe and UK.

We visited Fai’s aunt and cousins in Walldorf, Germany, had a second honeymoon of sorts in Paris, France, visited a dear friend in London (she sponsored my henna during our wedding), and made a pilgrimage to Manchester United’s Old Trafford (I’m a HUGE Man United fan), UK.

Fai and his cousins in Walldorf, Germany

Walking through the streets of Paris

31 Rue Cambon

In front of Buckingham Palace away from the crowd

Man U vs Wigan on Boxing Day 2011 at Old Trafford (Man U won 5-0)

The visiting party from *cough* Newcastle United *cough*

The GLORIFIED 19th Trophy

After recuperating from jet lag, about a week into 2012, I started job hunting as I decided to go back to the workforce. I was busy going for interviews day after day but wasn’t getting much hope (I wasn’t getting the right offers and I’ve decided to be much more choosy this time around).

Just when I was about to give up, one of my aunts gave me a call and she asked if I was still interested in doing a clothing business with her. I have had this idea for a long time but didn’t have the financial capabilities and couldn’t get any loan or support. So when my aunt called me up about this, I was ecstatic!

Soon we were busy with our business trips, scouting for a rental space (we were looking at Haji Lane, but damn, rental in that area is super HIGH!), concept meetings, fashion shoots, and such.

In between all of this, I had to prepare myself for a major surgery. You see, when Fai and I decided to start trying for a baby sometime in August last year, we went for a check-up and during that check-up I found out that I had a small cyst in my right ovary, but at that moment, there was nothing to worry about. We were just informed to monitor the situation. Fast forward a few months later, the cyst grew. Since the doctor can’t determine what sort of cyst it is, I was ordered to do a blood test. My tumour marker from that test was slightly elevated. I was told not to worry and that the cyst looks like an Endometriosis which can cause the elevation, unforgiving menstrual cramps, and even infertility.

However, since the doctor isn’t quite sure and the only way to find out is through sampling the cyst, she advised that I do a keyhole surgery or a laparoscopy and remove it.

Alhamdulillah, the surgery went well and the cyst was just Endometriosis and non-cancerous. The downside is, such cysts are bound to recur. I just pray and hope that’s not going to be the case for me.

It has been a month since my surgery and I am into my second menstrual cycle and I am glad that I’ve not experienced any unforgiving period pains. 😀

Right up until recently, my months were packed with visits to the doctor and travelling (for both business and leisure). Because of our tight schedules, we even missed Wicked. 🙁

And just two weeks ago, I launched my clothing business on Facebook. SO head on over to MODE Clothier at Facebook and ‘Like’ us.

P.S. For more pictures from our Europe Trip visit our Facebook Page.

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