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I promised to be as active as possible once again on this blog. So, this is my second blog post in a long time or rather short while.

As you have read previously, I’m helping one of my aunts with her new venture. We’ve decided to have a piece of the fashion industry’s pie. Just a tiny little piece.

A couple months back, my aunt approached me and asked if I am still interested in starting up a business. A clothing business to be exact. Of course I had to say YES. After all, aside from beauty, fashion is my passion.

Earlier this year, I took part in a small flea market and sold some of my brand new and pre-loved clothes. Rental for a booth was only $50 and at the end of the two-hour event, I managed to cover my rent and earn a couple of profits. It may be small but that was the beginning of it all. I then thought of heading to Bangkok to source for clothing and start a blogshop online. But I didn’t have any capital and my mum was skeptical of it.

Then, one fine day, my aunt called and said that she has been toying with the idea of opening up a clothing store for the Modern Muslim women here in Singapore. With her husband’s encouragement, she decided to pursue it and needed a partner. This is where I came along.

When I brought the idea up to Fai, he of course said that it was brilliant and that this is the opportunity I have been waiting for. My mum was even supportive this time around. Within weeks MODE Clothier was born and we went sourcing for clothes from upcoming young designers overseas, as well as retail shops here in Singapore.

MODE short for Modern Muslim Designs primarily targets the Modern Muslim Women. However, our clothes are also suitable for non-Muslims as well. MODE’s clothes can be worn to the office, weddings, dates, and even on days when you prefer something more casual. Most importantly, we offer comfort, exclusivity, style, and quality.

If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on our clothes, I regret to inform you that we are still waiting for news on our retail space.

However, that didn’t stop us from launching on Facebook and Twitter. So come on over to our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @MODEclother.

Do not forget to ‘Like’ us and spread the <3 too! XOXO

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  • THose are great clothes you got there! 🙂

  • I love the Design of Muslim style cothing, really stylish and lovely vibrant colours!

  • Thanks Dean and Kim! 🙂

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