Our very own place

Just a couple weeks back, Fai and I collected the keys to our very own apartment commonly known as a HDB flat here in Singapore. And like every new home owner, we were and still very much excited about moving in to our new place!

The whole process of owning our very own place took three years. It all started in late 2009 when Fai decided that we should apply for our own flat. I was away in Doha, Qatar, then on work assignment and didn’t have a clue.

On that very same day, while I was in Doha, there was a new BTO (built-to-order) launch in Punggol and Fai had read about it. He made the decision there and then on his own. In fact, I remembered him telling me over the phone that he had paid $10 for a flat application. We knew nothing about that estate or area except that it’s going to be next to a new Mosque and it is near the MRT station as well as expressway.

Two months passed and we were still waiting and hoping to get a queue number from HDB. We heard stories from cousins and friends about their big queue numbers because of oversubscription. We prayed that it wouldn’t be the case for us and true enough, we were given a two-digit queue number on our very first try!

We applied for our 5-room flat under the fiancé scheme and that was then, almost two-and-a-half years ago.

After two whole years of staying at my in-laws, our flat is finally complete and ready! Well, not exactly. Currently it is undergoing renovation. But you know what I mean if you too have been waiting for your BTO flat to complete.

When we visited our flat immediately after collecting our keys, to tell you the truth, we were slightly disappointed at the small space. You see, both Fai and I grew up in two and three storeys terraces. But when we pictured ourselves, just the two of us in our own new space and home, we did not mind it at all.

We are extremely happy with it and hope that renovation can be completed by year-end and we can celebrate the new year, 2013, in our new home.

This our new home pre-renovation phase. 🙂

Living and study area (office space)

Living and dining area


Kitchen and service yard

Master bedroom

Guest room #1

Guest room #2



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