Settling in…

For the last three months or so, Fai and I have been living in our own space – our new apartment/HDB flat in Punggol. Now, I did promise y’all that I will blog about it soon did I not? See, here I am keeping up to my promise. 🙂

The renovation took about a month plus and we spent quite a hefty sum to make our home the way it is. We also saved up quite a bit by buying most if not all of our furnitures and fittings from our neighbours across the causeway.

Renovation and all that aside, I am sure most of you are eager to see how our home turned out. Mind you, it is still a work-in-progress, so some of the rooms are very bare, thus I won’t be uploading them here cause there’s nothing to show. And do expect a little bit of mess and clutter cause after all, we’re still settling in.

Here we go…

This is our living area and the wall feature was done by yours truly! I spent a great deal of time doing it up. It was very tiring. What do you think?

Living room

Oh, we also recently added a clock to our living area. If you have been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the clock I am talking about. But for your sake, here it is again!


Now for another view of our living area. Fai picked out an L-shaped leather sofa just so that he will be able to put his legs up when he is lounging and watching TV. Meanwhile, those monogrammed pillow covers are from Etsy! I love, love, love, Etsy and I am addicted to that site.

Living room

Oh, can you see the computer behind the sofa? That is our office area. I am contemplating to show it to you but, WTH right?


Our office is inspired by Young House Love. Well, to be honest, I am not quite satisfied with this place yet and my mind is currently blocked as to what else I can do to spruce up this space. Wires and socket outlets are everywhere here and it just annoys me! We have also just updated this area by putting in a printer. However, there’s still so much to do with this space. Any kind soul out there can give us an idea of how to make this area more pretty and welcoming?

Next in our home is where we have our meals – the dining area.


Mind you, HDB flats nowadays are very very small. So even if we’re currently staying in a 5-room apartment, all these areas are divided by just a measly wooden beam which we decided to put in so that each area has its own identity.

From here, you can already see our kitchen. I was going for a modern country concept with our kitchen. And you can probably tell that my favourite colour is Yellow. Heheee…




And ooohh oh! Here’s our magnet collection (our fridge display) from around the world. We started out with the ones we bought from our Europe honeymoon and the ones from Toledo and Granada, Spain, were given by my mum.

En route to our bedroom, is our growing wall of photos.


I have always wanted a big empty wall where I can line up all my memories. And just ahead, is our Master Bedroom.


I am not able to get a good photo of this room, so this will do. Every other angle turns out dark because there isn’t enough lighting and sadly, I am not a pro when it comes to taking pictures.

However, do not be fooled by this space, it is actually quite big. Bigger than our previous room.

I did however, take some photos on Instagram about this room. And one of them is my favourite spot – the vanity area.


And when you have  a favourite spot, what do you do? Camwhore! What else. LOL!!


And with that folks, we have reached the end of the line.

Wait a minute! Where’s the laundry area otherwise known as the service yard and all the toilets, you say! Well… if you want to see more of our space, you will have to come for a visit. Hehehehehehee…

Until then, keep checking back here and who knows you will probably get to see more in the upcoming blog entries.


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