Songkran weekend in Bangkok

Hi all! If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have known that I was in Bangkok over the weekend for a short vacay with my family.

Let me share with you the peak and pit of the trip – just like how the Kardashians do it at the end of each trip.

Here are my peaks:

  • Spending time with my family while getting a quick vacay at the same time.


My youngest sister and I with our mum


Looking super fat here next to le youngest sister

  • Our impromptu boat race at the Floating Market.



  • Super cheap deals – most of the clothing items I bought were 300 baht (like less than SGD15) and below.


All of my shopping were done at Terminal 21 – if you want a better deal in a chaotic environment, head to Platinum instead.

  • Experiencing Songkran – even though I was a mere spectator sitting far away from people playing with water. Next time when we visit Bangkok again during Songkran, I will join in the fun!


View from the van

With the peaks, come the pits and here they are:

  • Top on my list is the flight delay during my return trip. We ended up arriving in Singapore at 2.30am!
  • The other thing is that, one of the lenses of my Samsung NX100 decided to break down during the trip. Boohoo! Now I’ve to make time to go get it fixed and I can’t seem to find the warranty. Argh!

Nevertheless, I still had the time of my life! Until next time!

P.S. Our hearts and prayers goes out to the Boston Marathon bombing.

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