Halal Nail Polish, is there such a thing?

Inglot O2M

Source: Google

Is there really such a thing as Halal (lawful) nail polishes? Apparently the cosmetic and internet world is abuzz over this new halal nail polish craze. Just Google it and check.

Now, before I delve into what’s Halal (lawful) or Haram (prohibited), let me make a disclaimer first – I am not an Ustazah (a religious teacher). I am just an average Muslim and is still learning about the religion even though I wear it on my sleeve. What I write is based on my opinion only, if you do not agree with what I have to say, it is fine. Also, this blog is all about looking good and I am advocating beauty and fashion.

First of all, I believe that there is nothing wrong in wearing nail polishes (it is just like makeup but for the nails) except that nail polishes contains substances that forms impermeable barrier over the nails preventing water from getting underneath. So if I need to pray and perform the wudu (ablution), I will need to remove it thoroughly. To solve this issue, most Muslim women, wear Henna on their nails instead (as water sips through Henna) or opt to only wear nail polishes during their time of the month as they do need to pray on those days.

I used to wear nail polishes during the time of the month against the agreement of both my parents (cause of how they are brought up – nail polishes = prohibited) and when I informed them, I can’t pray, my dad makes a big deal out of it while my mum thinks I am announcing to the world that I am having the time of the month (indirectly I am and it can be embarrassing). She also thinks that I am sending the wrong message to the community (Malay Muslim community here) – many here like my parents can’t fathom hijab-wearing aurat-covering women with black nail polish on their fingers and it is always considered wrong. However, to them colouring ones nails is not ok unless it is Henna. But the thing is, nail polishes does almost the same thing just that one can be worn while performing wudu while the other comes in more colours and has to be removed first.

Well, now there’s a solution for nail polish lovers it seems. Apparently, Inglot has created a nail polish line (O2M Breathable Nail Polish) that is permeable to water making it ‘wudu-friendly’.

A research was done by one of the writers from Suhaib Webb with a coat of nail polish over a coffee filter – a drop of water penetrated through the filter – proving that it is indeed ‘wudu-friendly’.

This experiment has brought up a lot of controversy with some citing that there’s a Fatwa that Halal Nail Polishes exist. Some might agree with it and some don’t. Honestly, I will just stick to wearing nail polishes on days when I can and if I am not too lazy (putting on and taking them off takes a lot of effort). And instead of wearing just normal nail polishes, I think it is better to wear breathable ones as it is healthier for your nails right?

But to wear them during prayers? Let’s just say that I will still stick to Henna for that.

How about you?