About Us


We are your typical next-door-married-Singaporean-couple currently living in Marrakech, Morocco, with the interest in writing about beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle and travel as well as the occasional ramblings of what is happening in our lives.

This blog is the baby of Fairoz & Nurulhuda -

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Fairoz D’Cruz (also known as Fai or Mr D – by his students): A full-time educator, Fai loves his boys’ night out, Dota, Football Manager, Newcastle United, and Alan Shearer. The self-professed geek (he has a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences) treasures his Mulberry Antony satchel and dreams of a Rado watch. He is a wonderful husband, friend, son, and brother but is an lousy improving photographer.

Fai’s a Muslim of Indian, Pakistani, Malay, and Portuguese descent.

Nurulhuda Syed Mahmood Albukhari (occasionally known as Nur, Nurul, or Huda – it is up to you. Really!): A makeup, beauty, and fashion enthusiast. She loves high heels but prefer flats. Nur has to match her shoes with her bags and outfits. She loves colour but will only wear solid colour hijabs. The self-proclaimed writer (she has a BA in Liberal Studies with specialisation in Mass Communication) is an accidental and unwilling journalist, who once worked for one of Singapore’s local publishing company. She is a Fashion Entrepreneur and is currently managing her business from across the continent via the world wide web and social media.

Nur’s a simple girl with expensive taste; just like her husband, she is a practising Muslim. She is of Arab, Malay, and Chinese heritage.

Having gotten married only recently (22 July 2010), this blog will also include snippets of their wedded life as they adjust to living together in their brand new apartment in the Northern-Eastern part of Singapore (as though Singapore is very big!) rented apartment in Gueliz, Marrakech.

So, come on and join them on this roller-coaster superficial life as they pen down their reviews, thoughts, and opinions in this humble blog of theirs.